Graduation Of Cub Scout To Webelos
Posted On: 2019-09-28

This ceremony can be conducted in a den or at a pack meeting. All Cub Scouts in the graduate's den sit in a circle with the graduate in middle of circle.

EQUIPMENT: Ten candles, ten cards with verse.

PERSONNEL: Eight Cub Scouts. graduate, Den Leader and Assistant Den Leader and/or Den Chief.

DIM LIGHTS - Candles are lit:

lst Cub: "We've played together and worked together"

2nd Cub: "Had maybe a fight or two"

3rd Cub: " We've taken trips and had some slips"

4th Cub: " And seen many projects through"

5th Cub: "You earned your Wolf and arrow points"

6th Cub: "And earned your Bear degree"

7th Cub: "But now you're earning your Webelos"

8th Cub: "A Boy Scout soon you'll be"

Leader: "We hope you remember Den (#) with delight"

Leader: "We salute you! Good luck! Happy Scouting!"

At this time, a den cheer is given in honor of the graduate, and den leader presents boy to Cubmaster who does the honors and turns boy over to his new Webelos leader.




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