Engineer Badge
Posted On: 2021-12-21

Webelos Scouts may earn a variety of activity badges during their year in the den. These activity badges are: Aquanaut, Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Communicator, Craftsman, Engineer, Family Member, Fitness, Forester, Geologist, Handyman, Naturalist, Outdoorsman, Readyman, Scholar, Scientist, Showman, Sportsman, Traveler.

The Webelos den leader will be focusing on one of these areas each month, so it may happen that you will have several boys who have earned the same activity badge. If so, this is an opportunity for a ceremony involving an outside expert in the subject. Take this opportunity, if possible, because it will lead to a variety in your ceremonies.

While there is no national recognition of the boy who qualifies for all activity badges, many local packs recognize the Webelos Scout in a special way when he earns all of the activity badges.

Here is an example of a ceremony you might develop for awarding a single activity badge to several Webelos Scouts, and one for use when you have several different activity badges to present.

Webelos den leader, an engineer, Webelos Scouts who have earned the badge, parents.

The drawings, sketches, blocks and tackles, catapults, etc., made by the Webelos Scouts; Engineer activity badges; safety pins.

Den Leader: For the past 2 months our den has been working at home and in our meetings on the Engineer activity badge. I'm happy to say that [number] of the boys have passed the requirements and earned this badge. Will Webelos Scouts [names] and their parents please come forward?

With us tonight is [name], an engineer with [name of company], who will present the badges.

Engineer: Boys, I have looked over the requirements for the Engineer activity badge in your Webelos Scout Book, and I must say that you have done fine work in meeting them. Your work on this badge will be a good basis to start from if any of you decide to become engineers. Now, Pd likes to see how the things you made work. (The Webelos Scouts show catapults, blocks and tackles, drawings, and sketches for all to see.)

That's excellent! I'm proud to see that you have learned engineering principles so well.

I now take pleasure in presenting these Engineer activity badges to your parents, who will fasten them onto your Webelos cap.