Cub Into Webelos Den
Posted On: 2019-09-28

EQUIPMENT: Webelos neckerchief for each boy going into Webelos.

DEN LEADER: Mr. Cubmaster, a member of my den has reached the fourth grade and is now ready to enter the Webelos Den.

CUBMASTER: Bring him forward.

DEN LEADER: This is Cub Scout ________ and his parents, ______ has reached the Bear rank and has _____ arrow points.

CUBMASTER: ____________, you have reached an important point on the scouting trail. As a Webelos Scout, you will be doing many new things and learning new skills that will not only be fun, but also rewarding. Now I want you to meet your new den leader.

WEBELOS LEADER: ____________, Mr. and Mrs.__________, welcome to the Webelos den. As you enter Webelos, some things will be done differently than they were in your last den. Your achievements will require a little more effort, you will be investigating areas that may help you decide what you would like to do in later life.

You will be camping out overnight. I will be the one to approve your achievements instead of your parents, although they will still help you with some of them. And your uniform will be different.

(The Webelos leader then removes the Cub Scout neckerchief and places the Webelos neckerchief around his neck.)

WEBELOS LEADER: This is the neckerchief you will wear. (He then pins on the colors) These are your colors, the activity badges you earn will be placed on them.

Now lets meet your new den.



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