Crossing Over Into A Webelos Den
Posted On: 2021-12-21

PROPS: Bridge and candles

CUBMASTER: Will the Denner from Webelos Den 1 escort (Cub Names) to the front. Could I have the former Den Leader and Webelos Den Leader come upfront?

Could I have the parent(s) of (Cub name(s)) come up and join us?

You were the first Den Leader along his Cub path. Please escort Cub(s) to our first candle. (1st candle is Bobcat)

DEN LEADER: The Bobcat is asked to follow the Cub Scout trail and follow the Law of the Pack.

You have shown a willingness to do so by your participation in the Pack activities. You have helped the Pack go and I hope it has helped you grow.

Please escort Cubs to our second candle. (Light Wolf candle)

DEN LEADER: In the life of Akela the Wolf taught him the language of the ground, how to track, and

the way to find food. In your life, the advancement to Wolf required you to learn new skills and start to find your way in advancement.

Please escort Cub(s) to our third candle Bear. (Light BEAR candle)

DEN LEADER: From the Bear Akela learned the secret names of the trees, the call of the birds, and the language of the air. Just as Akela learned things that required more skill, so too have you learned new and more challenging skills which required more work on your part, help from your parents and Den Leader, and with this help, you earned the Bear rank of Cub Scouting.

Please escort Cubs to our fourth candle. (Light Webelos candle)

WEBELOS DL: You left the Bear Den and a new Den Leader has taken over the guidance of your Cub Scout path. You have learned the way of the forest in Forester and you learned the way of the camper in Outdoorsman. These are the skills of the Webelos which you have mastered.

It may look like you are at the end of our advancement bridge, but in scouting, there is always more to strive for. (Light candle for Arrow of Light) Before you is the Arrow of Light. The crossover point of the Cub Scout Advancement Trail.

CUBMASTER: You have accepted the charge to go after the Arrow and set an example for our Pack to be proud of. Congratulations!!! A whole new adventure awaits you on your new Boy Scouting advancement trail. As you embark on this new challenge always remember the motto of the Cub Scout: "DO YOUR BEST".