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Bear To Webelos--Just A Bit of Webelos History

Props: Webelos Badge & Card, Webelos Handbook, Webelos Neckerchief, Lighted Candle (place these on the table)

Cubmaster: Cub Scouting has been a part of the Boy Scouts of America since 1930.  For more than 50 years there has been Webelos, but only since January 1, 1977 has Webelos been a rank in Cub Scouting.  While _________ has been a Wolf, and Bear, before 1977 they had Wolf, Bear and Lion, and Webelos stood for Wolf Bear and Lion.  Now it stands for We’ll Be Loyal Scouts.

Each of those things you see on the table today has a significance:  The badge goes on his uniform when he has earned it and shows all that _________ has been active in his den and has been earning activity badges.

The Webelos Handbook is a guide to the Webelos Scout in his den.

The Webelos Neckerchief is the Webelos Scouts identity and show he has changed since he started Cub Scouting.

This candle is a symbol of the light of Scouting that penetrates the darkness of strife, prejudice, and misunderstanding.  It is a light that will light the way to truth, cooperation, and understanding and must be kept burning in the heart of every Scout as he grows into manhood.

First his parents will pin his Webelos badge on his uniform, and then the Webelos Den leader will replace his Cub Scout neckerchief with his Webelos neckerchief.  (Please note: Put the Webelos neckerchief on top of his Cub Scout neckerchief.  Put the slide on it, then reach underneath and undo the other slide.  Remove the Cub Scout neckerchief.  The reason for this may seem trivial to some adults.  But, as he has identified with his neckerchief in the past, and will with his new Webelos neckerchief in the future, taking the first neckerchief off before the second is put on leaves him without identity for a while.

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