Bear To Webelos Graduation
Posted On: 2021-12-21


Cubmaster, Webelos leader, Bear Cub Scouts.

Indian headbands; Webelos neckerchiefs, slides, and caps; council fire; bridge; copies of Webelos Scout Book.

The Bear Cub Scouts are sitting at the council fire.

Cubmaster: Bears, you have in the past worked on the Wolf trail and your most recent adventures have been on the Bear trail. You have proven yourselves to be good Scouts. You have now earned the honor of joining our Webelos council fire.

(The Bears are called up and cross over the bridge. They are given a Webelos neckerchief, neckerchief slide, book, and Webelos cap.)

Cubmaster: Congratulations, young braves. You will find lots of fun and adventures ahead of you.