Artist Badge
Posted On: 2021-12-21

Webelos Scouts may earn a variety of activity badges during their year in the den. These activity badges are: Aquanaut, Artist, Athlete, Citizen, Communicator, Craftsman, Engineer, Family Member, Fitness, Forester, Geologist, Handyman, Naturalist, Outdoorsman, Readyman, Scholar, Scientist, Showman, Sportsman, Traveler.

The Webelos den leader will be focusing on one of these areas each month, so it may happen that you will have several boys who have earned the same activity badge. If so, this is an opportunity for a ceremony involving an outside expert in the subject. Take this opportunity, if possible, because it will lead to a variety in your ceremonies.

While there is no national recognition of the boy who qualifies for all activity badges, many local packs recognize the Webelos Scout in a special way when he earns all of the activity badges.

Here is an example of a ceremony you might develop for awarding a single activity badge to several Webelos Scouts, and one for use when you have several different activity badges to present.

Webelos den leader, an artist, Webelos Scouts who have earned the badge, parents.

Blackboard or easel and paper, chalk or pencil, Artist activity badges.

Artist: Boys, I have looked over your work carefully, and I find it very good indeed. You have shown real skill in meeting the requirements for the Artist activity badge. It is a great pleasure for me to give these badges to your parents, who will fasten them on your Webelos cap. (After the parents have taken the badges, the artist returns to the blackboard or easel.) Now, if you don't mind, I'll get back to my doodling. I'm curious to find out what it is myself.

Den Leader: We are very proud of our Webelos Scouts, and we hope that more members of our den will earn this badge by next month. Meanwhile, these boys and other members of the den will be starting work on another of our exciting activity badges. (As he speaks, the artist completes a drawing of the Arrow of Light. The den leader continues to talk about the work of the Webelos den until the artist finishes the sketch.) It's the Arrow of Light!

Were you a Cub Scout, [name of artist]?

Artist: No, the idea just came to me in a flash - with a little help from the badge that Webelos Scout over there is wearing.

Den Leader: Well, it's a wonderful ideal because the Arrow of Light is the badge that every member of our den is striving for. The Arrow of Light means that a Webelos Scout is really ready for the big step into the high adventure of Boy Scouting. And now, [name of artist], I'd like to thank you for coming tonight, and I hope you will stay after the meeting to talk with our Webelos Scouts and their parents.

And, congratulations, artists! (The pack gives a cheer.)