A Bear's Welcome
Posted On: 2021-12-21

Cubmaster and Bear Cub Scout, seven Webelos Scouts; Webelos den leader.

Large cards, each printed with a letter of W-E-B-E-L-O-S.

The Webelos Scouts, holding their letters, form a semicircle with their backs toward the audience. The Cubmaster and the Webelos den leader (and any other Webelos Scouts) stand. The Cubmaster invites the Bear Cub Scout who is entering the Webelos den to come forward; he introduces him to each Webelos Scout and the Webelos den leader, and each gives him the Cub Scout handshake. One by one, each boy in the semicircle turns to face the audience, holds his letter shoulder-high, and recites his line.

lst Scout: Well be loyal Scouts.

2nd Scout: Each Scout earns his own activity badges.

3rd Scout: Boys are in the fourth and fifth grades.

4th Scout: Every Scout can earn the Webelos badge and Arrow of Light Award.

5th Scout: Love of God and country we will show.

6th Scout: On our honor, we will do our best.

7th Scout: Scouts are friendly and helpful, at home, at school, and in the community.

(In succession, the boys repeat their letters.)

All: Webelos - We'll be loyal Scouts!