Types Of Ceremonies
Posted On: 2020-08-15

Types Of Ceremonies

OPENING: The opening ceremony can make or break the entire pack meeting. If it is dull and lifeless, the meeting could be in trouble. The opening ceremony definitely "sets the stage". Always include the Pledge of Allegiance or a patriotic song.

ADVANCEMENT: The main goal of Cub Scouting is growth and advancement in a positive direction. Advancement ceremonies are important in a positive direction.

Advancement ceremonies are important in creating an incentive to progress. It is so simple to pull a badge out of a witch's cauldron or a pirate's chest-and it means much more to a boy than just receiving it with a handshake. The monthly themes lend themselves to some exciting opportunities for advancement ceremonies.

RECOGNITION: Installation of leaders, recognition of leaders, Den Chiefs, recognition or thank-you to boys, leaders or parents for special service or activities. Adults as well as boys appreciate recognition.

INDUCTION: Bobcat (new family) induction, Webelos den induction, leaders.

GRADUATION: Graduation to Boy Scouts is one of the most important ceremonies of the pack. Make it impressive so it will be an incentive for younger boys and a real "send-off" for the Webelos Scouts moving into a troop.

CHARTER RENEWAL: An impressive presentation ceremony strengthen relationships between the pack and the chartered organization. Ask the Unit Commissioner and District Executive to also take part.

CLOSING: Closings are sometimes overlooked, but a very impressive part of pack meeting. The last few moments are often the longest remembered. An effective way to cause boys and adults to leave with a positive attitude and motivated to do a good job is to precede the closing ceremony with an inspirational Cubmaster's minute-a few words to inspire enthusiasm and dedication.

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