Blue & Gold Banquet - Decorating
Posted On: 2021-08-06

  1. SIZE
    1. Think big! 2-4 feet across for shapes and objects
    2. Simplified shapes
    3. Outline them in dark color to give a better definition
  2. THEME
    1. Repeat object around the room
    2. Coordinate the entry, hall, and room
    3. Use items related to the program theme
  3. COLOR
    1. Use bright colors
    2. Use bold colors for contrast
    3. Use a scheme of 2-3 colors
    1. Use a style to match the theme (logger font for woods, gothic for medieval, etc.)
    2. Make letters at least 6" high
    3. Add variety (outline, solids, checks, shadows, etc.)
    1. Use an overhead projector to enlarge images onto craft paper
    2. Stuff tissue paper into the chicken wire to make 3-D shaped decorations
    3. Hang stuff from ceiling or wall with monofilament line (invisible string)
    1. Hang items from the ceiling, even centerpieces, for added interest
    2. Use 3-D displays (don't let everything be "flat")
    3. Silhouettes are easier to make than detailed drawings
    4. Murals
    5. Mobiles and movement
    6. Streamers from ceiling to table
    7. Add recorded sounds and smells
    1. Paper/foil/posterboard, tissue/crepe
    2. Wood/wire
    3. Fabric
    4. Ribbon/raffia
    5. Props/artifacts
    6. Corrugated cardboard rolls




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