Welcome, New Leader
Posted On: 2021-07-26


Den Leader Coach: The Cub Scout sign means something more to those who are leaders; the two upright fingers mean to obey and to be fair.

The three folded fingers stand for three secret letters in our law, F-H-G.

These letters mean follows-helps-gives. They also mean fair-happy-game.

And finally, they can remind us of some things each Cub Scout respects: freedom-home-God.

All our leaders want to do their best to teach our Cub Scouts to learn to follow, to help, to give, and to be fair and happy whatever the game might be, and to respect their freedom, home, and God.

Will the following new leaders please come forward and repeat after me: (They come forward.)

I, [name], promise to do my best, to help the Cub Scouts in my den and in my pack to do their duty to God and their country, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack.

Den Leader Coach: As den leader coach of this pack, I take pleasure in welcoming you into active leadership in our program. May the days ahead be happy, game, and fair!