The Indispensable Den Leader
Posted On: 2021-07-22


PROPS: Lighted candle on a table, copy of leader book for each person. Den Leader or Webelos Leader badges.

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Den Leader Coach, new Den Leaders, Committee Chairman.

CUBMASTER: Tonight, we want to welcome our new Den Leaders. Would (name) Den Leader Coach, bring our new Den Leaders forward and introduce them.

DEN LEADER COACH: I would like to introduce (name) who has graciously agreed to be den leader for den(#). I know that you will be good den leaders. I will do my best to give you all the assistance I can to help your den go.

COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Den leaders are indispensable leaders in our pack operation. They fill a particular need for Cub Scout age boys and perform a service that no one else can give. Being a den leader is a rewarding responsibility. Will you repeat after me: "As a den leader, I (name), promise to do my best to show interest and concern for all the boys of my den, to help other people, and to obey the Law of the Pack.

CUBMASTER: Wearing the den leader's uniform not only identifies you as a very important member of the Boy Scouts of America, the largest boys organization of its kind in the world, but it also sets a good example for the boys of your den.

I would like to congratulate you and present you with your den leader's book and den leader's patch.

Okay Cub Scouts, let's welcome these new den leaders by giving them three cheers. Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!




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