Thank You Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-07-22


Let the Cub Scouts prepare eight large cards, each with a large letter painted on it to match the initial letter of each verse. As each verse is recited by a Cub, the proper letter is displayed so that at the end of the eight verses, the words "Thank You" are visible to all.

T - stands for teachers, ours bear the test,

As Pack _____, we promise, "We'll do our best".

H - is for helpful, which we try to be

As each helps the other to the highest degree.

A - for advantages we all enjoy,

We try to be grateful and wisely employ.

N - is for the nation whose future depends

On all of us, Pack who want to be friends.

K - is for knowledge we're going to need.

We'll work hard to gain it and hope we succeed.

Y - is for youth all over the land.

God bless and keep us and steady our hands.

O - for opportunity around everyone.

We'll grasp and hold tight until we have won.

U - stands for usefulness, we like to serve.

We do what we can to praise all who deserve it.


As together we stand, a "Thank You" we give.

We mean it sincerely, we'll never outlive

The lessons we're learning, the character you mold

We, Pack_____ say, "Thank You" as our futures unfold.