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Recognition Ceremony For Trained Leaders

Materials: large pine bough, bucket of dirt, mylar patches, attendance cards (#3767) or trifold progress cards, straight pins.

Objective: to demonstrate an inspirational "Advancement Ceremony"

Akela: Old Wolves, you were charged with teaching these Cubs in the ways you have been taught.  Has this been done?

Old Wolves: Aye, old lone one, it has been done.

Akela: Baloo, do they know the ways of the Pack?

Baloo: Aye, Akela

Akela: Bagheera, have you taught them the ways of our Program?

Bagheera: Yes, Akela, it has been done.

Akela: Then let the ceremonies begin.  (Plant pine bough in front of you)  Throughout this weekend, you have become acquainted with the Cub Scout program.  Let this pine bough represent that program.  The heavy main stem represents the Aims of the Cub Scout Program.  The smaller stems are the Ideals.  (Point out each, as you explain)  Each needle is a part of the Program; the Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, Outings, Advancement, etc.  The needles grow in clusters.  The clusters need many needles to appear healthy and beautiful.  Let us keep in mind as we return to our own Packs, the need to develop all parts of the Program.  As I read the names of those to be recognized, would you please come forward.  (Read off each name, pin on trained Den Leader patch, give card and have D.L.C. give each a needle cluster from the bough.  Have the participants form a "U" in front of you.) When all have received their recognition, go on.

Akela: You have each received two tokens here today. The pine needle cluster is to keep you ever mindful of the many parts that make up a healthy Cub Scout program. The trained Den Leader Insignia is for you to display on your uniform to alert others to your knowledge and dedication to the Cub Scout program.  Do you pledge to accept the responsibility of seeing that the Cub Scouts in your own Packs, put in your charge, benefit from the lessons you have learned here this weekend?  If so, answer "I will".  Then you have achieved the right to join the Old Wolves and take your place as leaders of Cub Scouts.  Do this with dignity, dedication, and honor.  Do not let the Tabaqui and Shere Khan distract you from your task.

(Participants return to their seats)

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