Pack Ceremonies Den Leader Induction
Posted On: 2021-07-22

Setting: Committee Chairman and Cubmaster stand behind a table in front of the room.  On the table are a lighted candle and a copy of the Den Leader's Book or Webelos Den Leader's Book for each person.

Chairman: The Den Leader occupies a unique and essential place in Cub Scouting.  Den Leaders fill a particular need for boys of Cub Scout age and perform a fundamental service, which no one else can give.  They, therefore, become indispensable to leaders in our scheme of pack operation.

Our Pack Committee has selected the following Den Leaders.  (Read names of leaders and den numbers)

Will you promise to:

Show interest and concern for all boys in your den

Take advantage of all training opportunities

Be responsible for the organization and operation of your den

Lead the den chief, helping him learn to lead the activities of your den.  Attend monthly pack leaders' meetings for den leader coach/den leader meetings, monthly pack meetings, and monthly district roundtable.  Work with the parents of your Cub Scouts (and /or Webelos Scouts) so they have the opportunity to share in the fun of Cub Scouting

Observe the policies of our chartered organization, of YOUR COUNCIL'S NAME, and of the Boy Scouts of America

Keep your den in operation 12 months a year

If so, please answer "I will"

Cubmaster: Wearing the den leader's uniform not only identifies you as a very important member of the Boy Scouts of America, the largest boys' organization of its kind in the world, but it also sets a good example for the boys in your den.

We would like to welcome you as new leaders in our pack, and present you with copies of the Den Leader's Handbook.  Congratulations and good Cub Scouting.