Our Pack Committee
Posted On: 2021-07-22


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, unit commissioner, or the chartered organization representative could act as narrator

EQUIPMENT: Table with appropriate recognition for each

SETTING: The narrator is in front of the room facing the audience

NARRATOR: By now most of your know the den leaders and Cubmaster of our pack, but there is a very special group of people responsible for the pack's program and activities you may not know. These people are the members of our pack committee. These men and women are constantly working behind the scenes to plan and organize a lot of the fun things we do as a pack. They are a special group, full of ideas and eager to say, "I'll help." We would like to thank them tonight for the gift of their time and enthusiasm.

(Call forward the members and present them with appropriate items of recognition. At this time, the committee chairman could be recognized for leading this group.)




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