New Cubmaster And Old Akela
Posted On: 2019-05-29

PROPS: Indian headdress, artificial campfire, Indian blanket.

PERSONNEL: Committee chairman and new Cubmaster stand beside campfire. Former Cubmaster (as old Chief Akela) is out of sight.

CHAIRMAN: We are expecting a visit from old Chief Akela of the tribe of the Webelos. (A knock is heard and old Chief Akela enters).

OLD AKELA: I am here to help you install a new chief. Are the elders of the tribe assembled?

CHAIRMAN: They are here, Akela.

OLD AKELA: Have they selected a new chief?

CHAIRMAN: They have, and he is here. (The new Cubmaster is brought before the old chief).

OLD AKELA: You have been chosen to be the new chief of the tribe of the Webelos. Will you be loyal to the trust that has been placed in you by the committee, Cub Scouts, and parents?

NEW CUBMASTER: I will be loyal.

(Old Akela puts his blanket on the shoulder of the new Cubmaster and an Indian headdress on his head.)

OLD AKELA: I declare you to be Chief Akela, of the tribe of the Webelos pack(#) in the (Name) Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Do the young braves know the Law of the Pack?


OLD AKELA: Then let them give the law.

ALL CUBS: (repeat the Law of the Pack).




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