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Nautical Theme Leader Recognition

PERSONNEL: Master of ceremonies (institutional representative or a parent) and leaders (crew members) to be recognized.

EQUIPMENT: Cardboard cutout of a ship with stand, Cardboard chain links, anchor and block.

Arrangement: Master of Ceremonies begins the ceremony by introducing the guests. As the people take their places, record music such as selections from "Victory at Sea" are played in the background.

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: The Packet "C.S. (pack number) heaves to in our port tonight. A firm and taut chain keeps our ship from drifting from the anchorage. Will the following members of the crew please lay forward to the chain locket, on the double. (As the crew reports to front, hand out make-believe BLUE and GOLD chain links, alternating the colors. Tell the first person to hook his link to the ship and the last person to add his link to the anchor.)

Representing our passengers are the mothers who served as galley officers of the dinner committee (Introduces dinner committee). Our Executive Officers are a member of the Pack Committee (Introduces Pack Committee) We appreciate your planning and your administration of our pack. You are our board of directors.

The Chief Petty Officers of the C.S. (pack number) are our Den Leaders. (introduces Den Leaders) We salute you for your unselfish service. Your devotion to duty has helped our Cub Scouts grow. Next are the Officers of the Day, our Assistant Cubmasters, (Introduces Assistant Cubmasters.) They guide our pack activities and prepared our Webelos Cub Scouts for Boy Scouts. The Captain - Whom we admire and appreciate for his example, guidance, and leadership -- is our hardworking Cubmaster, (Introduces Cubmaster).

Meet the Flag officers, the representatives of our Boy Scout Council. Helping to direct the leadership and activities of thousands of Scouts. They are our District Scout Executive and our neighborhood Commissioner. (Introduces Both.) Last of all is our port commander our anchor (fix anchor to chain) who holds all fast and secure. He is our Institutional Representative (Introduces Himself or Herself).

Remember each link must carry a share of a load. A break anywhere in the chain could result in the order to "Abandon Ship" and our cargo of Cub Scouts. All of you must work to guarantee that our ship rids securely on her heading.

Now crew members return to your quarters after accepting this token of thanks from all of us.

(Hands out flowers, or plaque, or other special gift to leaders.)

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