Leader Recognition One Candle Closing
Posted On: 2021-07-22

In this Blue and Gold ceremony, leaders are recognized and hopefully, new leaders are recruited.

Items needed:

1) Large blue candle

2) Two large yellow candles

3) Four medium yellow candles

4) Eight medium white candles

This ceremony can be a very impressive ceremony. The ceremony should be done by a member of the Committee or a member of the sponsoring organization.

Leader: Our closing tonight deals with the spirit of Scouting. Let us envision the spirit of Scouting as a candle. As we light the spirit candle its small flame will give a small light. As the flame or spirit touches others, it will kindle other flames. (Two leaders come forward with spirit candles and light their candles) These flames will reach out and touch others. (Four leaders come forward and light four candles from the two others. (Four leaders come forward and light four candles from the two original candles.)

As you can see, the more lives the spirit touches, the more flames are kindled. An example is the Cub Scout Den. (Eight boys come forward. They will light their candles from the four den leaders candles.)

As you might imagine, we could add candles until the spirit of scouting touches everyone, but let us not forget that if it were not for the den Leaders, (eight boys blow out their candles) the spirit would not grow.

If we did not have Pack Leaders (four leaders blow their candles out) the spirit would grow dim. If not for the Cubmaster, (blow two candles out) all we would have would be one flame, the spirit of the boy.

His interest is sparked with the spirit of scouting; let's not let the flame go out.



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