Induction Of Tiger Cub Coordinator
Posted On: 2021-07-22


Will (name? please come forward. At this point, either the Cubmaster or a pack leader presents the Tiger Cub Coordinator with scrolls of paper like diplomas.

Each scroll has one word on it: Enthusiasm, Knowledge, Responsibility, and Tiger Cub Promise.

I present you with ENTHUSIASM - enthusiasm to SEARCH out new and exciting things to do with your Tiger Cub den.

I present you with KNOWLEDGE to be able to DISCOVER new adventures and new activities to do with your Tiger Cub den.

I present you with RESPONSIBILITY -- the responsibility to SHARE all the great things you have discovered and grown in knowledge with Your Tiger Cub den.

I present you with the TIGER CUB PROMISE. Tiger Cub Coordinator opens the scroll and reads: "I promise to love God, my family, and my country, and to learn about the world," Living up to this will be a challenge for your and Your Tiger Cub den. Welcome to the wonderful world of Tiger Cubs.




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