Induction Of A New Cubmaster #1
Posted On: 2021-07-22


PERSONNEL: Leader, Akela, new Cubmaster, spotlight operator.

EQUIPMENT: Spotlight, chair, table, beaded bag, Indian headdress, Indian blanket, four candles.

ARRANGEMENT: The lights are darkened on the stage except for the spotlight, which is focused on Akela's face or head with as small a beam as possible. The leader and the new Cubmaster wait at the back of the room.

LEADER: Great Akela, there is a brave among us who has chosen to accept the mighty challenge to become like you and accept the position of Cubmaster and Akela of Pack [number].

AKELA: Does this brave know of the responsibility and challenge before him?

LEADER: Yes, Akela, and he also agrees to seek further knowledge at your council fires. He now awaits your acceptance of him.

(The audience forms two lines, making an aisle for the new Cubmaster and the leader to walk to the stage.)

(As Akela and the leader come to the front, the spotlight follows them. The Cubmaster stands before the table between Akela and the leader.)

AKELA: Please be seated. Do you, [name], accept the challenge and responsibility set before you?


AKELA: (To the Cubmaster.) Light the first candle. (He does.)

LEADER: This light represents enthusiasm. Nothing great is accomplished without enthusiasm. If you agree, light the second candle and pledge your enthusiasm.

CUBMASTER: (He lights the second candle.) I so pledge.

(The leader places the beaded bag over the Cubmaster's shoulder.')

AKELA: Will you, [name], attend training, Pow-wow, and roundtables, so that the knowledge you find there can make our pack run better and make you a better Cubmaster? If so, state "I will"

CUBMASTER: I will. (Akela places the headdress on the Cubmaster's head.)

AKELA: Now light the third candle. (The Cubmaster lights the candle.)

LEADER: [Name], we give you now the gift of admiration, for never has there been a worthy Chief who

was not admired by his tribe. Do you now pledge that you will continue to strive to be worthy of this admiration? If so, speak the words, 'I do.'

CUBMASTER: I do. (Akela places the Indian blanket over the Cubmaster's shoulder.)

AKELA: Light the fourth candle. (After lighting the candle, the Cubmaster faces the audience and raises his arms to the outstretched position.)

CUBMASTER: May the Great Spirit look favorably on our pack and guide us throughout this life.

(The spotlight goes down from full to small, focusing on his face, and then goes out.)