Good Den Leaders Know
Posted On: 2019-05-28

EQUIPMENT: Den leader patch and Asst Den Leader patch

We have two parents here with us this evening who have agreed to become leaders.

Will _______ and ______ please come up front. (Pause)

I would like to read you something before you receive your badge of office.

You can be a Den Leader and enjoy it. You've taken care of your own son for years, and you're still fairly normal, so adding a few more boys to the roost isn't all that hard.

The first rule is, clothe yourself with optimism and grin a lot. As soon as the meeting opens, collect the dues, make announcements, and explain the day's projects. You're are likely to get the Cub Scouts undivided attention again.

Good Den Leaders know where to look for supplies. Scout your basements, attics and trash barrels. Cub Scouts love to hammer, but an adult male craftsman might do most of the sawing before hand. Remember to be patient. Keep one inch bandages on hand. Decide what you'll do about unsavory words that might follow when the boys bang their fingers with a hammer a few times. Even if it's a birdhouse they have to paint, use a washable paint. Remember to protect their uniforms and never leave a room full of Cub Scouts all alone with paint buckets.

Cub Scouts love to wait their turn to use supplies or tools because it gives them time to explore your closets, test other's endurance for punches and pokes, and leaves time for races and shouting contests.

Always make it clear that everyone left in your house after the Den Meeting must take a hot bath and help clean out the garage. This spurs the boys to have their Moms pick them up right after the meeting.

Den Leaders gain some very useful knowledge. They learn that their son is quite typical and normal. He even behaves better than some of the other boys. The boys you've gotten to know as a Den Leader will be around your house for years as your son grows up.

Believe it or not, some of your dearest memories will be of them in their Cub Scout days. With that I would like to present you both with your badge of office and your Den Flag.



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