Family Inductions With Cub Voices
Posted On: 2009-11-23

PERSONNEL: Cubmaster Pack Committee Chairman, leaders as "Voices".

EQUIPMENT: Two blue candles, two yellow candles, four cards spelling C-U-B-S.

ARRANGEMENT: Call new boys forward with their parents.

CUBMASTER: (lighting all four candles) These candles are Cub Scouting's colors, blue and gold, and they represent the fun and adventure we hope you will find in Cub Scouting. The four letters you see here spell C U B S but they stand for something special, also.

FIRST VOICE: The "C" stands for courtesy. A Cub Scout is courteous to everyone, his friends, older people, teachers, and especially his parents.

SECOND VOICE: The "U" stands for unity. When a boy joins a pack, his parents join, too. In the den and pack, he learns to get along with others.

THIRD VOICE: The "B" stands for bravery. The Cub Scout is brave enough to stand up for the things he thinks are right. He believes in honesty, equality, and fair play.

FOURTH VOICE: The "S" stands for service. The Cub Scout promises to help other people, and he tries to spread goodwill in every way he can.

CUBMASTER: The members of this pack welcome you into our family of Cub Scouting. (Shake hands with new cubs and their parents.)



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