Den/Webelos Leader - Gift Of Time
Posted On: 2021-07-22


Personnel: Cubmaster or committee chairman to act as a narrator
Equipment: Table with recognitions
Setting: The narrator is in front of the room facing the audience

Narrator: Den/Webelos leaders are not very special people.  They're really just like you and me.  Oh, just like the rest of us, some may have some special little talents.  One may be a whiz at racquetball and another may bake the best bread, but for the most part, Den/Webelos Leaders are just plain folks.

These people have, however, given a very special gift to our children.   The gift is of our most valuable commodity, time.  They give of their time to attend training, plan den meetings, look for and try new ideas, plan picnics and banquets, call parents and play with boys.  Their time well spent with our sons helped to mold Cub Scouts into the type of men we wish them to become strong in mind and character, responsible, and giving.

We all want the best for our children.  Tonight we wish to thank those who have given their best.  Would the following people please come forward?
(Call the names of the Den/Webelos leaders and present them with appropriate items of recognition.  Den Chiefs could lead the audience with appropriate applause.  At this time, their assistants can be called forward and recognized.)




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