Den Leader Recognition - Two Different Types Of Homes
Posted On: 2021-07-22


Materials: Appreciation certificate for each den leader and Webelos Den Leader

Cubmaster: There is something that parents sometimes overlook when they consider the possibility of serving as den and pack leaders.  There are two very different types of homes.  In one type, everything will always be just so.  The furniture is not likely to be marred; there will be little shouting or noise except from the boy who lives in that house, and even his shouting will be subdued and experimental.  His mother will seldom be troubled by the shouts of other boys because it is not likely that they will come here.  And unless something unusual happens, that is the type of home it will always be.

As the children who live in it become young men and women, the rug will never be rolled up for social occasions.  They will take their noise and laughter where it is better understood and more welcomed.

But there is another type of home.  This type attracts the friends of the children who live in it.  They would rather bring their friends there than join them elsewhere.  It is a home where children are welcome, where they learn to take care of the furniture rather than preserve it through lack of use.  It's a home, which later will attract young adults.

It's true - the first type of house will be peaceful because it will be empty.  Too empty, too peaceful, too quiet.

But there are more wonderful things to be sought after in life than peace and quiet.  And besides, a noisy busy home does not mean that all personal comforts and pleasures must be sacrificed.  Lasting satisfaction comes from the knowledge that, as each day goes by, children's future memories of their home will be happy ones.

Most den leaders want the second type of home and they have started to build now because in a year or two it will be too late.  That's why Cub Scouting is not all giving on their part.  They'll receive a finer home life and a stronger family because of it.

(Call forward all den leaders.)  These people are making one of the finest possible contributions to our community by serving as den leaders.  They not only deal with boys but with parents too.  They are strengthening the life of our community by enriching the lives of the families who live in it.  They are teaching boys to respect their homes and their parents, and they are helping parents understand their boys better by doing things with them.  Few community services are more important than this.

Please accept these certificates as a small token of the pack's gratitude for your help in Cub Scouting, and the thanks of all the boys you are helping by your service.  Thank you.