Den Leader - Pack Committee Induction
Posted On: 2021-07-14

CHIEF: Oh Great Spirit, this is Akela, the Chief of the Pack. Let your spirit join us at the ceremonial fire tonight. Oh Great Spirit, we are thankful for your guidance and help over the many moons. Our young braves have accomplished much. They give our pack much honor. But who will teach these young braves the way of the Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear, and the mighty Webelos tribe? Our council of elders has many places to be filled. My heart is heavy, our pack has lost many fine teachers of skills and crafts. We have lost many fine elders to lead our pack. Who will help lead the pack?

SCOUTER: Akela, we have such fine people to take their places at the Council Fire.

CHIEF: Do these fine people know the ways of the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and the mighty Webelos tribe?

SCOUTER: Akela, they know the ways.

CHIEF: Are these fine people skilled in crafts and know the ways of the forest and mountains?

SCOUTER: Akela, they are skilled and know our ways.

CHIEF: Let these new elders come to the council fire so they can be honored and installed into the council of elders.

SCOUTER: Will the following tribal leaders please come forward:

(Reads names)

CHIEF: The council of elders has the responsibility to teach and to lead the young braves. It is a great challenge, but a joyful one. Are you ready to take the challenge?

The new elders reply: We are.

CHIEF: Do you know and are you willing to live by the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack?

The new elders reply: We are willing.

CHIEF: I now have the honor to present to you the badge of your office (and headbands with feathers, if possible). I know you will bring honor to our pack. I welcome you to the council of elders.




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