Den Chief Service Award
Posted On: 2021-07-14


Personnel: Cubmaster, den chief receiving the award, Scoutmasters den leader, and Cub Scouts from den chief's den, Assistant Cubmaster.

Equipment: Service award cord.

Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, den leaders, and Cub Scouts are arranged in a semicircle with the den chief in its center in front of the room. The Assistant Cubmaster narrates.

Assistant Cubmaster: The den chief service award recognizes den chiefs who lead and serve their dens for at least 1 year.  This award emphasizes your key role within Boy Scouting and compliments you for your important service.  It is you, the den chief, who brings the fun of Boy Scouting to Cub Scouts and who brings eager Webelos Scouts into your troop.  You have helped the Cub Scouts in your den to the best of your ability.  You have encouraged, guided, and protected them in all den and pack activities.  You have shown them by example what a Boy Scout can be.  You have been prompt and dependable and have cooperated with your leaders in carrying out the den program.  In addition to all this you have advanced in rank in Boy Scouting and have earned additional merit badges, we of Pack _____ thank and congratulate you for your part in making us the best pack in the (name) council.  Scoutmaster (name), do you wish to say anything at this time?  Cubmaster (name), do you have any other comments?  Leaders of the den (number) do you have anything to add?  Cub Scouts from Den (number), would any of you like to say anything?

(Name), at this time we would like you, den leader, to place your new service cord on your left shoulder.  Would you all join me in congratulating this den chief?