Cubmaster Recognition - What Is Best For The Boys
Posted On: 2021-07-14


Personnel: Committee chairman
Equipment: Table with appropriate recognition
Setting: The committee chairman is in front of the room facing the audience

CC: Cub Scouts are taught that Akela means a good leader.  They are instructed to honor Akela by listening to him and following him.  Our Akela is our Cubmaster and much can be learned by listening to this man's/woman's ideas and following his/her example of service.  He/she is enthusiastic but tempers his/her enthusiasm by using as his/her guideline the thought, "What is best for the boys?"  He/she is idealistic, believing in reverence and patriotism, and tries to set the example for these ideals with the Cubs in our pack.  He/she gives much of his/her time and of his/her energy to ensure the pack's program appeals to young boys, satisfies their needs, and follows the policies of the Boy Scouts of America.

We want to honor our Akela tonight and thank him/her for his/her guidance and inspiration.  (Call Cubmaster forward and present him/her with an appropriate item of recognition.  At this time, his/her assistants can be called forward and recognized.)