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Appreciation Bouquet

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Use this skit to help you say thank you to your leaders.

Narrator, 11 Cub Scouts, and person to be honored.

Large cards, each printed with a letter of the word A-P-P-R-E-C-I-A-T-I-O-N paper or plastic flowers and a background, or real flowers and a vase or basket.

If paper or plastic flowers are used, cut a large circle from heavy cardboard for the bouquet background. Paint the circle green or cover it with green paper. Make a decorative border by gluing paper doilies on the back all around the outer edge. If using plastic flowers, punch holes in the background so the stems can be inserted. Paper flowers can be thumb-tacked to the background. The bouquet background can be hung on a wall or supported on a stand.

To really show appreciation to the leader, the boys can hand-craft and sign paper flowers as special keepsakes.

Each of the 11 Cub Scouts holds a flower and a card which is turned to conceal the letter. (One boy has two cards - the two Ps in the word.) The boys line up in the appropriate order to spell the word. In turn each boy recites his verse, adds his flower to the bouquet, returns to his place in line, then reveals the letter side of his card.

Narrator: We gather here today with much anticipation to extend to our leader our deep appreciation./For her (Or his) diligent efforts, we wish to say thanks, and for her patience and help as we've come through the ranks/ we offer our greetings in a remembrance bouquet, and give her our thank-yous for her help on the way.

A: A is for affection that we feel in our hearts. And with this orchid, the bouquet I'll start.

P: Personality and patience our leader has had. These roses, we hope, will make your heart glad.

R: R means reliable and a most willing worker. Here's a carnation to one who's no shirker.

E: E is for the effort of one whits not lazy. I'll add to the flowers by placing this daisy.

C: C means she's cheerful, the best way to be. So in tribute I add this bright peony.

I: I is for industrious, she's the most yet. So here is my token, this shy violet.

A: A is for attention to all of our needs. Let me add a tulip to say thanks for kind deeds.

T: T is for thoughtful, she is, of us all. My flower's a pansy, so bright and so small.

I: I is for interest in people and our city. Here are lilies of the valley so white and so pretty.

O: O is for others of whom she is ever aware. I offer these lilacs to show that we care.

N: N stands for her name, [name], the one we honor today. I'll add an iris to complete this bouquet.

(After the last verse is said, the lettered cards spell out the word APPRECIATION. At the end of the skit, the bouquet is presented to the person being honored.)


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