Webelos Graduation - We Are Prepared
Posted On: 2021-07-14


Invite Scoutmasters or other representatives of the troops your Webelos Scouts are joining. Using poles driven into the ground and rope, make the winding trail, with the Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and Webelos, Arrow of Light, and Boy Scout emblems on top of the poles.

Have troop representatives at the far end of the trail receive the graduates, who stand with their parents at the beginning of the trail.

CUBMASTER: "Webelos Scouts, today you say goodbye to Cub Scouting and begin your Boy Scouting years. It's been great having you in the pack as you traveled up the trail from Bobcat to Webelos. (Have boys and parents move up the trail, stopping at the Arrow of Light, present it now to the parents and have them pin it on their son's shirt while you speak briefly about the award as Cub Scouting's highest. Then say, "One of the things you have done as Webelos Scouts is learn some of the things you will need to know as a Boy Scout. One of them is the Boy Scout Motto. Can you tell me what it is?" (Boys respond "Be prepared.")

Ask, "Are you prepared?" Boys respond "We are prepared!"

Cubmaster then says, "Great! We wish you well as you start the Boy Scout trail."

(Boys and parents then continue past the Arrow of Light emblem and are welcomed by the troop representative, who may lead them in the Scout Oath and present neckerchiefs or other gifts symbolizing their membership in a troop.