Webelos Graduation - Teachings Of His Tribal Elders
Posted On: 2021-07-14


The Cubmaster enters at the beat of the tom-tom, in Indian attire. He raises his hand for silence.

When a mighty chief of an Indian nation had a task of honor to perform, he always wore his finest feathers and attire. I find myself rewarded with this very task tonight--for one of our braves has given us much reason for rejoicing and honor. At the tom-tom call, would Scoutmaster _____of Troop number _______, the leader of the mighty Scout (Boy's name), and his parents please come forward?

(The tom-tom beats until the Scoutmaster, graduate and his parents assemble.)

_________, when you came to this Pack many moons ago, you lit the Bobcat candle. The light on the board was dim and the rest was dark and mysterious. As a good brave, following the teaching of his tribal elders and parents, you have climbed to Wolf and Bear. Then you counseled with the mighty Webelos for the wisdom necessary to become a Scout in a troop. I am happy to award you this certificate of graduation and ask you to light the last light on the totem so that all may see your Cub Scouting in all its brilliance.

(Akela then congratulates the boy and parents, then steps behind the Cub Scout and between his parents and places his hand on the shoulder of the Cub Scout.)

Oh, mighty leader of Scout Troop ______, I advance this brave to you as he has learned the trail of Cub Scouts well. I charge you with the responsibility of keeping his heart on Scouting, and his eye on the eagle, through your well-planned Troop program.

(Boy advances to the Scoutmaster and is welcomed with the Troop's neckerchief.)

(Akela raises his hand for silence.)

Akela now calls for the applause of happiness and admiration. For _______, Boy Scout of America.