Webelos Crossover By Mark E. Kissel
Posted On: 2021-07-14


Chief (1 )
Medicine Man (1)
Guides (4)
GUARDs (3)
Drummer (1)
Eagle (1)
Crossover Helpers (2)

Four (4) Guides are to lead the Webelos down the designated path and into the ceremony area. No talking is permitted by the guided or Webelos unless necessary. The lead guide will give responses to the challenges by the guards.

As the lead guide stops in front of the guards the Scout Sign will be given. Each guard is to recognize this sign by also giving the Scout Sign. After the sign is given and acknowledged:

GUARD 1: Who are they that desire entrance to our council?

LEAD GUIDE: These are the Webelos who have decided to join Boy Scouting.

GUARD 1: Do they understand the Scout Oath and their Duty to God?

LEAD GUIDE: They do.

GUARD: Pass on.

**LEAD GUIDE proceeds onto the 2nd GUARD.

GUARD 2: Who are they that desire entrance to our council?

LEAD GUIDE: (Same response as before)

GUARD 2: Do they understand the Scout Oath and their Duty To Country?

LEAD GUIDE: (Same response as before)

GUARD 2: Pass on.

"LEAD GUIDE proceeds on to the 3rd GUARD"

GUARD: 3 Who are they that desire entrance to our council?

LEAD GUIDE: (Same response as before)

GUARD 3: Do they understand the Scout Oath and their duty to self and others?

LEAD GUIDE: (Same response as before)

GUARD 3: Then let them cross the bridge of Scouting one by one to show their true intentions.

***Webelos are assisted by the Crossover Helpers to cross the rope bridge, one person, at a time. The guides will also assist in lining up the Webelos who have crossed the bridge to line up in a straight line in front of the Council Fire and the Chief. Once lined up, the guides will stand behind the Webelos.

After all, are lined up and guides are in place .......

MEDICINE MAN: (With arms raised up to the sky as in prayer) On the plains of this great land; Underneath the skies of heaven; Stand the members of our order.

Oh Great Spirit, then in heaven; Send us flame to light our fire. That we may for this be thankful; Oh Great Spirit, this we ask thee, Send us fire and we shall praise thee.


Once the fire has started and is burning .......


CHIEF: As the flames point upward, so be our aim; As the red logs glow, so be our sympathies; As the gray ash fades, so be our errors; As the good fire warms the circle, so may our ideals warm the world; I now declare this council fire open.


CHIEF: You who stand before us have crossed the bridge of Scouting. You were challenged by our guards. Your guide stated that you understood your Duty to God, Duty to Country, and Duty to Self and Others. Scouting is an ideal, a way of life. On your journey here, you passed twelve scouts. Each one representing a point of the Scout Law.

MEDICINE MAN: Each of these is a goal for every Scout. You will be required to do your best to live up to the Law.

It is not always easy to do, but a Scout always tries. Are you Prepared?

CHIEF: Before we continue, let us hear from the Voice of the Eagle, Scouting's highest honor and achievement.

****Drummer starts a soft drum beat****

***Eagle soars around in the back of fire***

**Narrator reads the Voice of the Eagle**

*Eagle returns to the assembly area*

CHIEF: Each of you will be required to test the bow as a sign of strength and future commitment to Scouting.

**Medicine Man hands the bow to each scout*** and permits a draw on the string. Chief watches and accompanies the Medicine Man. The drummer beats a soft drum beat. Each returns to the position after the test.

CHIEF: Each of you has successfully tested the bow. Please raise your right hand in the Scout Sign and repeat after me:

On my honor

I will promise to do my best

To do my duly

To God and my Country

To obey the Scout Law

to help other people at all times

To keep myself physically strong

Mentally awake and morally straight.

CHIEF: You have taken the oath of scouting and pledged yourself to the ideals. Welcome to Boy scouting and now meet your new brothers.