Troop Crossover
Posted On: 2021-07-14

CUBMASTER: Our accomplishments are never made without help. And significant in (boy's name) growth has been the help he has received from his parents. I thank you for the help you have given your son and your cooperation with his den and pack leaders. Of course, we shall miss you as you move on into Scouting, but we are honored to present Troop ______ with such an outstanding family. All of us wish you continued success as you climb the Scouting trail.

SENIOR PATROL LEADER: Greets the new Scout and his family. Presents a candle to Scout and escorts him and his family across the bridge. Scout places a candle on Bridging Ceremony Table.

SCOUTMASTER: (scout's name) It is a privilege to welcome you and your family into Troop_______. Scouting will offer you the fun of outdoor activities, the challenge of leadership, and the chance to build self-confidence through skills that will last you a lifetime.

(Scoutmaster Gives Troop numbers and Red Loops to each Scout Family.)

SENIOR PATROL LEADER: Red Loops signify you are a Boy Scout and when they are worn upon your shoulders you are promising to follow the Scout Law. Would the parents please remove the Cub Scout Loops and put them on Boy Scout Loops.

SCOUTMASTER: Gives Troop Neckerchief and slide to each Scout Family.

SENIOR PATROL LEADER: Would the parents please remove the Cub Scout Neckerchief and put it on the Troop Neckerchief.

The neckerchief has many uses as you will learn. There's one use, though, that you may not think of and that is to remind you of the Scout Oath. The neckerchief is a triangle, and its three comers should remind you of something you recently learned in our Scout Oath. The Oath, you remember, has three comers too, the duty to God and country, the duty to others, and duty to self.

From now on, every time you put on your neckerchief it should remind you of the things you pledge each time you repeat the Scout Oath.

SCOUTMASTER & SENIOR PATROL LEADER: (Scout Salute and Handshake with the New Scout. Repeat this for each Scout that is bridging. The New Scouts are greeted by the members of the Troop as they compete the bridging ceremony. The Scout Benediction have all stand, form a circle, join hands (right over left), bow their heads, and repeat together:)

"May the Great Master of all Scouts be with us until we meet again." Then the Scouts leave the area quietly.