Past, Present, Future
Posted On: 2021-07-14


PERSONNEL: Cubmaster, Webelos Leader, Webelos Den Chief, Patrol Leader, Scoutmaster, Parents, and Webelos Scouts.

PROPS: Light up Arrow Of Light, Bridge and 2 spotlights, Light up Scout badge. Troop slide and neckerchief, Graduation Certificate.

ARRANGEMENT: Call Scoutmaster and Patrol Leader up to Scout end of the bridge. Webelos personnel at their end. Call forward parents and graduating Webelos. Dim lights.

PAST: Turn on Arrow of Light

CUBMASTER: Give a brief history of past awards earned (Soar, World Conservation, special hiking awards, etc.

WEBELOS LEADER: Give very brief requirements of Webelos Badge and Arrow of Light. Explain that the arrow of light goes on the Boy Scout uniform. Webelos Den Chief removes Webelos neckerchief.

PRESENT: Turn off AOL, turn on Bridge

CM: Crossing the bridge of the present you leave the past trail behind and cross over to the adventures of the future trail of Boy Scouting. Would you and your parents step up and cross the bridge into the future.

FUTURE: As they reach the other side, turn off the bridge and turn on the Scout Badge.

SC: Gives Scout a welcoming handshake and congratulates the family.

PL: Puts on troop neckerchief and slide and welcomes him.

SM: Gives him time, day, and place of Patrol meetings.

(Turn off Scout Badge, everyone be seated.

(Use Arrow of Light Ceremony Board and tape on back white X-mas tree lights. Large lights come on one at a time.)