Cub Scout Graduation
Posted On: 2021-06-25

Cubmaster: Tonight we have an important occasion, the recognition of (names of boys graduating) who are continuing along the Scouting trail.  Will (names) and their parents please come forward.

When you joined our pack you stood in front here and with the other members, repeated the Cub Scout Promise, and agreed to live up to it.  In memory of that occasion, let all of us assembled here repeat that promise as a group.  (Everyone stands and repeats the Cub Scout Promise).

By repeating that promise, you agreed to do your best as a Cub Scout and agreed to follow the Law of the Pack.  A lot has happened to you since that night.  You have grown, you have helped the pack go you have followed Akela, you have given goodwill.  You entered Cub Scouting as a child, so to speak.  You have learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and have grown into a fine young man.  You first became a Bobcat, then a Wolf Cub Scout, a Bear, and earlier this year a Webelos Scout.  Now you are nearly 11 and are ready to enter Scouting.

Just as you continued to grow and move through the Cubbing program into Webelos, so you are now continuing into Scouting.  Our charge to you is that you continue to learn, to grow, and to enjoy the challenge of Scouting that you may prepare yourself to enter manhood and become the kind of citizen our country needs.  Scouting and your parents and friends will continue to help you along the way.

To show that you accept our charge, will you join the members of your new troop and give the Scout sign that you learned as a Webelos Scout and repeat with them the Scout Oath?

(Scouts step forward, give the Boy Scout signal and repeat the Oath.)