Crossover - The Final Steps
Posted On: 2021-06-25


ARRANGEMENT: Darkened room, Red light is on the bridge, which is centered between American and Pack flags. Assembled on stage to the left of the bridge are the parents and Webelos Leader, on the opposite end of the bridge is the Scoutmaster.

CUBMASTER: Tonight we mark a great occasion, ... the graduation of Webelos Scout (name) from our pack. We are sad to see him leave because he has been a great help to our Pack... but we are happy for him because he is going on to the great adventure of Scouting. He has worked hard for this night and has advanced well. Please escort Webelos Scout (name) to the front.

(Boy who has been standing on the opposite side of the room, is escorted to the front by another Webelos Scout, who carries the den flag. They stop at the front, the graduating Webelos Scout returns to his place.)

CUBMASTER: (Recaps information such as date boy joined the pack, ranks he earned, awards he received, date joined Webelos den, etc.)

DEN LEADER: (Recaps activities in Webelos den, highlighting activity badges he has earned).

Webelos Scout (name) it is with a great sense of pride that I now ask you for your Webelos neckerchief. (after removing the neckerchief, Den Leader escorts him to the end of the bridge where Cubmaster is waiting.)

CUBMASTER: I am pleased to see that you are wearing the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouting. This is the only Cub Scout badge which you will be permitted to wear on your Scout uniform.

And now you may take the final steps. (Webelos Scout crosses the bridge. He stops in the center, turns to salute Cubmaster with Cub Scout salute. He proceeds across the bridge to where the Scoutmaster is waiting. He gives him Scout salute).

SCOUTMASTER: (Name), we are happy to welcome you to our troop. I can see by the Arrow of Light that you are prepared to join the great fellowship of Scouting. (Short statement on what is expected of Scout). Please repeat after me the Scout Oath. (Scoutmaster and Scout exchange salutes and shakes hands). As a token of this important occasion, I would like to present you with the troop neckerchief. (Scoutmaster and parents meet in front of the bridge.) Mr. and Mrs. (name), Welcome to our troop. I congratulate you on the fine work that you have done with your son in Cub Scouting. I am sure you will find new adventures in our troop.