A Webelos Den Becomes A Boy Scout Troop
Posted On: 2021-06-02


This ceremony can be held at a pack meeting when the entire membership of a Webelos den is being organized into a Boy Scout troop.

Cubmaster, Webelos den leader who is becoming the new Scoutmaster, Scouting coordinator, Webelos Scouts and their parents, head of the chartered organization.

Boy Scout neckerchiefs.

Cubmaster: Tonight we have an unusual event to recognize in our pack.

Because of the need for an additional Scout troop in our neighborhood (or organization) and because we had a Webelos den, our chartered organization has agreed to accept the responsibilities for a new troop. Our Scouting coordinator, [name], has met with the parents of the Webelos Scouts and learned that they are willing to organize and become the nucleus of a new troop. Our Webelos den leader [name] has accepted the invitation of the committee to become Scoutmaster.

[Name], the head of [name of the organization], our chartered organization, is here tonight. As he comes to the front, I will read the names of the graduating members of the Webelos den. Will they please step forward with their parents as their names are called. (Announces boys' names.)

Head of Chartered Organization: On behalf of the [name of organization], I pledge full cooperation with our new Boy Scout troop. We want it to be one of the finest troops anywhere. If this is to be true, every one of our members must do his part. We are proud of our Cub Scout pack and have watched with interest all of these boys as they become Webelos Scouts. We will continue to follow their advancement through the ranks of Boy Scouting.

Our Scouting coordinator will now say a few words and officially introduce the new troop and its leaders. [Name of Scouting coordinator].

Scouting Coordinator: Cub Scouting has been an answer to the needs of our boys and their families as they play and work together. We are proud of our pack leaders and of the progress made by the Cub Scouts in our pack.

Though our new troop is starting small, it will grow as its new Scoutmaster, [name], develops a program of fun and adventure with the new Boy Scouts. They will be

ready for recruits from our neighborhood and for other Webelos Scouts when they are eligible.

I am pleased to present the committee members of the new Troop [number].

The troop committee is composed of [name], as chairman, and [names of other committee members and, if possible, the specific assignments agreed upon]. The Scoutmaster is [name] and his assistant is [name]. The members of the new troop are [names of the Webelos Scout graduates].

These new troop members have come up through the ranks of Cub Scouting in our pack. We are proud of their record. They have served well and have given goodwill. We will count on their continued progress along the Scouting trail.

For you parents, it's going to be a wonderful experience as you travel that Scouting trail with- your son.

Scouts, your registration certificates will be presented when our new troop charter is presented to us. You have chosen your Boy Scout neckerchief color, so I will ask your Scoutmaster, [name], to present the neckerchief now.

Scoutmaster: I know all of you boys well. We have grown together in our Webelos den. We shall continue to grow as we enjoy the wonderful times ahead. III need your help as well as that of your parents.

I'm expecting each of you to move upward on the Scouting trail. Now, Cubmaster [name) will remove your Webelos Scout -neckerchiefs, after which I will present your troop neckerchiefs. May Boy Scouting be a real challenge to you. (Cubmaster removes Webelos Scout neckerchiefs. The Scoutmaster places a Boy Scout neckerchief around the neck of each boy.) As there are many ways your neckerchief might serve you, so it is with you: there are many ways you can serve your fellow man.

Good luck and good Scouting! Lees give a big howl for our Cubmaster who has done so much for us.