Arrow Of Light Considerations
Posted On: 2021-06-02


The Purpose of Ceremonies:

1. Promote the self-esteem of the participating boys.

2. Reward the boys for "doing their best".

3. Pique the interest of the younger boys and keep them motivated.

4. Promote the thrill of Cub Scouting among the boys.

5. Promote the interest and support of the parents.

6. Show the boys and parents the leaders are really interested in them.

7. Promote pack identity by establishing traditions to be followed.

8. Keep the fun in Cub Scouting for the leaders and the boys.

9. Establish a regular plan to present awards promptly.

10. Provide high points in the advancement plan.

11. Provide opportunities for parents and other adults to become involved.

12. Provide opportunities to express theatrical talents.

Tips for a Good Ceremony:

1. Keep the focus on the person(s) receiving the awards.

2. Make it impressive.

3. Keep it simple (appropriate to the age levels and the nature of the ceremony).

4. Keep if brief. Don't let the recipients or audience get bored.

5. Maintain a dignified atmosphere.

6. Make sure there is a positive impact on the recipient(s) and audience.

7. Use appropriate props and costumes.

8. Use symbolism - it appeals to the imagination.

9. Plan ahead, rehearse the ceremony if possible.

10. Involve recipients.

11. Keep it moving in spite of glitches. Maintain calm and dignity.

Things that detract from a Good Ceremony:

1. Too long.

2. Audience can't hear what is being said.

3. Audience can't see what is going on.

4. Overwhelming.

5. Too many props.

6. Confusion.

7. Inappropriate humor, silliness, derogatory comments, etc.

8. Speeches.

9. Preaching.

10. Praising leaders, parents, or others more than recipients.

11. Apologizing for imperfections.

12. Being unprepared.