Your Journey To Manhood
Posted On: 2021-06-02


This Arrow of Light ceremony has a more up-to-date flare to it. It would be more effective if it were used in an outdoor (summer) pack meeting. Try to find a neighbor or an Order of the Arrow team who is fairly proficient in archery, to assist you. Have a target set up a short distance away. The archer has special awards arrow in his quiver.

Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we present before you Cub Scout (S)__________. He has reached a milestone in his Cub Scout journey. He has been working for several years in the pack to earn his award tonight. The Arrow of Light is the highest award in Scouting, and it is very symbolic. The Arrow of Light is the only Cub Scout award that can be carried over and worn on the Boy Scout uniform. It is the beginning of _______'s journey through Boy Scouting. He has set a goal in Scouting just as a target and shoots for the bullseye. The arrow in this archer's quiver is just like this boy. In order for it to reach its goal, it must be pointed in the right direction.

Through Scouting, _____will be pointed in the right direction. Like the arrow shaft, this boy must be straight and true to succeed in his journey to the target.

(Archer takes out the arrow and sets it in the bow.)

Scouting teaches a boy these traits. A boy's family provides the support to propels the boy to reach his goal.

(Archer shoots an arrow at the target.)

With the force of his family and Scouting, a boy can reach his goal. His goal of course is honorable manhood.

(Walk over and remove the arrow from target).

We present you with this arrow to remind you about tonight, and how your journey to manhood through Scouting begins. Also, your Arrow of Light Badge represents the Seven virtues of Life. By applying these seven virtues in your life, your journey will be successful. We congratulate you on this special achievement.

Thank you for your membership in our pack. (Applause.)