The Story Of The Six Arrows
Posted On: 2019-05-24

Setting: Center stage, Cubmaster, Webelos, and Council Fire.

Many years ago there lived a tribe of Indians who had a peculiar method of choosing their chief. When the chief of a tribe became too old and knew he had only a short time to live, he would call before him all the braves of the tribe and give to each a bow and six arrows.

When these arrows hit an object they were so constructed they would break and could not be use again. Each brave took a bow and arrows and promised that he would eat no meat except that killed with the six arrows. He was to remain away from camp as long as he could and the one remaining away the longest would be made chief.

Now it so happened that there was a young Indian by the name of Arrow of Light who wished very much to be chief and for many moons had spent much time practicing with the bow and arrows and learning the ways of the wild animals. When his chief sent out word that he was about to choose a new chief, Arrow of Light secured the bow and arrows.

It was late in the afternoon when he started out and he went at once to a place where he had often seen deer come down to drink. He was obliged to wait all night but he had a great deal of PATIENCE. Just as it was getting light he saw a fine deer on the water's edge near him. He shot the deer. Then he took stone, skinned the deer, prepared the skin for clothing, and hung the meat where the wild animals could not reach it. He lived here for many days but finally the meat was almost gone so he resolved to start out again.

He had not traveled far when he came face to face with a huge bear. The bear growled and started toward him, but Arrow of Light was very BRAVE. He waited until the bear was near him. With his second arrow he shot and killed him. He used the skin to make a fine robe to sleep under in cold weather and the meat supplied him for a long time. But at last the food was gone and he was obliged to start out again.

He was walking along the path thinking how well he had done to kill such big animals with his arrows when suddenly he saw an Indian lying on the path before him. He bent over him and saw that it was one of his friends who had started out at the same time he had, but who had used up all his arrows and was starving. He knew that his friend must have food at once or he would die. He looked around but all he could see was a squirrel.

He had been saving his arrows for bigger game but he showed his FRIENDSHIP for his Indian friend by shooting this squirrel and cooking it for him. The next day the Indian was able to walk slowly so they went on together. Soon they saw a huge panther ready to spring upon them. Arrow of Light knew that he could escape but his friend was so weak that he would easily be killed so he used up another arrow to kill the panther, thus showing his UNSELFISHNESS.

As they went on together looking for a deer, they heard a wolf in hot pursuit of one. Before long they carne upon a freshly killed deer. Arrow of Light's friend said to him, "Here is some meat all ready for you," but Arrow of Light had promised that he would eat only the meat that he had killed for himself.

He showed his HONESTY by refusing to eat it.

Arrow of Light now had only one arrow left and wanted to kill a deer with it. Soon he saw a deer but just as he was about to shoot, the deer gave a jump and the arrow missed him. Now Arrow of Light was very much discouraged so he walked by himself into the woods. He still had FAITH IN THE GREAT SPIRIT and he looked up and prayed, "Oh, Great Spirit, I have tried to do my best. I have been helpful and honest but here I am many days journey from home and I know I shall starve before I reach there unless you help me." As he prayed he suddenly felt something press against his foot and looking he saw the arrow that had missed the last deer. It had not hit any object and was whole. He felt the Great Spirit had helped him. He took this arrow and killed a deer and he and his friend arrived home safely.

When the old chief heard his story he spoke thus, "Oh, Arrow of Light, you have showed, Patience in waiting for the deer, Courage in facing the bear, Friendship in helping your friend, Unselfishness in killing the panther, Honesty in refusing to eat the meat you did not kill, and Faith in the Great Spirit in asking his help. These are the qualities we need in our chiefs and it therefore gives me great pleasure to declare you to be chief of our tribe." Arrow of Light proved his worthiness to be made chief.

A great arrow, the symbol of the tribes leadership, was presented to him. Because of his great leadership it was named after him. This is where we got the Arrow of Light award.

Tonight we have a boy who has earned this great award. Will _________ and his parents please come forward.



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