The Sunburst
Posted On: 2021-05-29


Begin by dimming the lights. The curtain opens and standing in a circle of lit candles is a costumed Indian Chief (talk to your OA Chapter). He begins by raising his arms and yelling:

"SILENCE! Many moons ago as the white man started to encroach on land once owned by the Indians. They found themselves unable to exist because they lacked the necessary skills to survive in that environment. The great chief saw this and decided to take braves from each tribe and teach them the skills necessary to survive in hopes that they would return to their people and teach them. He taught each brave skills in science, crafts, engineering, citizenship, geology, and forestry. When he saw that his braves had successfully acquired these skills, he sent them back to their people to pass along their knowledge. Some tribes did not recognize these braves as leaders chosen by the great chief. When the great chief saw this, he decided they should have an emblem to separate them from the other braves.

He decided to use the arrow because it is straight and true, just as the lives of his braves should be. He decided to use the sunburst to act as a way to light their path. Tonight we have these young braves to receive the symbolic arrow and sunburst as the great chief of long ago gave to his braves."

(Call each Webelos forward and list his Cub Accomplishments. Ask him to remain with you. After all are called forward---)

CHIEF says: Now that each of you has received your Arrow of Light, go forth into the world and teach others what you have learned.




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