Straight Arrow Ceremony
Posted On: 2009-11-11

Akela - I have summoned you before the council tonight to pay honor to one of our Webelos Scouts. Will ____ please bring his parents before Akela. We honor ______tonight with the highest award in Cub Scoutsing - the Arrow of Light.

This arrow represents the Arrow of Light. It's shaft is straight and true; to remind a Scout to be straight and true in keeping his promises. The feathers on this arrow guide it on it's course; just as the ideals of Scouting guide a boy on his course through life. The color of the arrow is blue to symbolize loyalty. A Cub Scout's uniform is blue to remind him to be loayalto his country. These seven yellow bans around the shaft represent the seven virtues of life. Thse are: wisdom, courage, self control, justice, faith, hope and love. If a boy will learn these virtues and apply them in his life; he will grow to be a happy man.

As we award ______ with his Arrow of Light tonight, we also give him this arrow as a reminder to remember the ideals he has learned as a Cub Scout; and to remain straight and true as he grows to manhood.




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