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Seven Virtues Ceremony

Setting: Consider dressing as Akela or as an Eagle Scout. Have a Arrow of Light arrow to present to each boy.

The Arrow of Light symbol is made up of an arrow which points the way to a good life and a rising sun which symbolizes the constant new challenges provided by Scouting and by life itself. The seven rays in the emblem represent the seven virtues that a yound man learns to become an Arrow of Light .

The first ray represents Wisdom. Having wisdom doesn't mean that a person is smarter than others. It means that he uses what he knows to live a better life.

This second ray represents Courage. Courage does not mean you have no fear of danger. It means that you can face danger despite your fear.

The third ray stands for Self Control. Self Control means being able to stop when you have had enough of something and being able to choose your own path instead of merely following others.

The fourth ray stand for Justice. Justice means being fair with others we play and work with, regardless of who they are.

The fifth ray represents Faith. Faith includes belief in God, and in things we cannot see, but feel are true.

The sixth ray represents Hope. Hope means to look forward to good things you believe will happen. You hope for better things tomorrow, but at the same time you work hard today to make them happen.

The seventh ray of the sun of the arrow of light symbol stands for Love. There are many kinds of love. Love of family, home, fellow men, God, and country. Every kind of love is important for a full and happy life.

You will find that living by these seven virtues can lead to a happy life. The Arrow of Light is a significant achievement. It is recognized as such by the Boy Scouts of America. When you become a Boy Scout, you continue to wear the Arrow of Light on your uniform. When you become an adult leader, you wear a square knot which represents the Arrow of Light on your uniform.

You've completed all the requirements for your Arrow of Light badge and have completed the Cub Scout trail. It is my pleasure to award you your Arrow of Light badge to your parents, who have been your Akela in completing these requirements. Parents please award this badge to your son and congratulate him on a 'Job Well Done'. (Present the parents with the Arrow of Light badge. Parents pin it on the boys. Then present the mother's pin to the boy and have him pin his mother or father)

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