Look Forward
Posted On: 2021-05-26


This holiday season is a time for focusing more on good cheer and serving others. We reach beyond ourselves and give to others. As we are heading into a new year, we look forward to new beginnings, setting new goals, and moving on to new adventures.

Tonight we have a Webelos who has gone beyond that which is necessary to earn a Webelos badge. Would _______please come forward with his parents.

_____has worked hard this last year. He has earned (name some major awards). He has completed all the requirements to earn his Arrow of Light. Each year as you see the Christmas lights, let them remind you of your Arrow of Light and your experiences in Webelos. We are all at the end of one year and looking forward to the next. You are at the end of your Cub Scouting, and can now look forward to the years of adventure you have ahead of you in scouting. Congratulations.