Like An Acorn
Posted On: 2021-05-26


When you first see an acorn, it may seem quite small and insignificant. Who could guess the great potential lying inside its small shell? A cub scout is like an acorn. Although he may appear to be small, he has the potential of greatness within him. As an acorn sprouts and grows, it turns into a majestic tree - sought after for its strength and admired for its beauty. It is very popular and its useful purposes seem unlimited.

Would ______ please come forward with his parents? _______was like the acorn when he first joined cub scouts. He was full of potential and ready and willing to learn and grow. In the Wolf, Bear, and Webelos dens, he has grown by learning the ideals of scouting. He is developing character along the way. has gone above that which is required to gain his

Webelos and has earned the Arrow of Light, He is reaching to new heights each day as he follows the Cub Scout Motto to "Do Your Best."

This is the highest award you can earn in Cub Scouting but it is not the end to your growth. Just as the mighty oak grows each day for years and years, you too will continue to grow and learn. Follow the path which leads onward in scouting - and one day you will reach above the oaks and soar with the Eagles.