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PERSONNEL: Chief Akela, Lord Baden Powell, Indian Braves: Lone Indian Brave, Cub Scouting Colors, Four Winds, Ideals of Cub Scouting, Ships of Scouting, Seven Virtues of Life; Cub Scouts: one each Wolf, Bear, 1st & 2nd year Webelos; Adult Leaders: Den Leader, Cubmaster, Committee

Member & Parents...

MATERIALS: 7 wax candle or oil yard torches: each character carries one except Lone Indian Brave...blazing fire in the middle or two - one on each side of the staging area.

The Council of Light

LONE INDIAN BRAVE: I hold the Council Talking Feather and the Spirit of Scouting Light. Tonight, we will honor those Cub Scouts who have traveled far and wide, on but the beginning of their Scouting Trail. Like thousands before, these young men have sought after, reached for, and now achieved the Arrow of Light, the highest award in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light. Assemble the "Council of Light".

(ENTER 5 INDIAN BRAVES REPRESENTING THE COUNCIL OF LIGHT: Colors of Cub Scouting, Four Winds, Ideals of Cub Scouting, Ships of Scouting, and Virtues of Life. The Braves form a half-circle behind the Lone Indian Brave, facing the audience. Braves can enter with torches blazing or they can light them as they speak to add to the drama. After the Braves are in place, Chief Akela and Lord Baden-Powell enter and stand on either side of the Lone Indian Brave: Akela on stage right and Baden Powell on stage left.)

LONE INDIAN BRAVE: Greetings, Chief Akela, the great leader of the Webelos Tribe. Greetings, Lord Baden Powell, founder of our great brotherhood. All has been prepared. Welcome to the Council of Light. Would the following young Scouts please join the Council?

(Read names of Scouts. Have them assemble in front of Akela and BP in a half-circle facing Akela and BP, not the audience. Akela's assistant should collect the certificates and patches and be prepared to distribute them after Baden Powell speaks.)

CHIEF AKELA: It is good to see the Council of Light being called again. Many old friends have

traveled far to make our fire burn brightly. You, who sit before the Council are honored for achieving Cub Scouting's highest rank, the Arrow of Light. The friends you see before you look like braves, but have come to you in the past in many different ways. They are your friends, guides, and source of inspiration. Listen well!

COLORS OF CUB SCOUTING: (step forward) I am the Colors of Cub Scouting. The yellow of the wolf represents fun, friendship, and good cheer. The blue of the bear stands for truth, loyalty, and obedience. When added to the yellow and blue, the red and green of the Webelos stands for courage and perseverance. All of these colors together signify the unity of one among many. Never forget your colors.

THE FOUR WINDS: (step forward) I am the Four Winds. The trail of your Cub Scout adventures was aided by the north, south, east and west winds. The north is your parents, who help to keep you on the trail. The south is your pack: with the wisdom of the group, you were able to travel farther. The east is your den and the fellowship of friends. The west is your own sense of self-worth, which enables you to see things through and master the skills of life. Keep the winds with you for they will always be the wind in your sails.

THE IDEALS OF CUB SCOUTING: (step forward) I am the Ideals of Cub Scouting. From long ago, the ideals have passed, from one scout to another. Be square - truthful and honest toward everyone. Be loyal - honor yourself, your friends, neighbors, family, and God. Be fair - with everyone and everything, take no advantage. Be happy - a smile is the language of every land. Be game - don't quit or give up, always "do your best".

THE SIX SHIPS OF SCOUTING: (step forward) I am the 6 ships of Scouting. You have sailed on these ships many times as a Cub Scout, and are certain to take passage again in the future. You will always be welcome on these strong and mighty ships that will carry you to your destination. They will last forever. Scholar-ship, fellow-ship, friend-ship, sportsman-ship, workman-ship, and statesman-ship.

Their purpose is never-ending. They are for you.

THE SEVEN VIRTUES OF LIFE: (step forward) I am the seven virtues of life. You can always see me in the Arrow of Light badge you wear as the seven rays of sunlight. Each can make your path a little brighter. Together, they can light the trail ahead. If you live by wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope, and love you will become a happy man, and a happy man is a successful man.

CHIEF AKELA: You have heard from all of the Council of Light except one. What you have heard is of the past and the present. What you will hear now is but one possible future. What it holds for you, no one can tell. Only you can travel the trail of the eagle. Listen well to our founder.

LORD BADEN POWELL: The trail of the Eagle is one with many challenges. You will come to many forks in the path and must make some difficult decisions. Each experience will be a learning one. Each new plateau reached, you will find yourself in a smaller and smaller company. the world is at your feet.

You have shown the courage, dedication, and desire to complete your Cub Scouting trail. It is an accomplishment that should be your foundation on the trails of Boy Scouting.

These trails are full of rich and rewarding experiences that can enhance your life forever. They can make the trials and tribulations of everyday life seem less important. As a Cub Scout, you were asked to take an oath and observe the Law of the Pack. Boy Scouting is no different, except the Scout Oath and Law are the heart of your Patrol and the Troop itself. Be sure before you begin, that you accept them and will do your best to honor them. They can aid and support you for life.

I now ask each of you to dedicate yourselves to Boy Scouting by turning around and facing your family, friends, and peers, giving the Scout sign, and, with me, reciting the Scout Oath and Law. On my honor... A Scout is Trustworthy...

Gentlemen, it is with great pleasure that I accept you into the Council of Light.

Lone Indian Brave: Chief Akela will now present you with a Certificate of Recognition on parchment paper, acknowledging your achievement and Lord Baden Powell will give you a special patch, in honor of this occasion.

The certificate reads as follows: Presented himself before Chief Akela, Chief of the Cub Scouts, at Marin Council's 1996 Scout-o-rama. his physical and mental skills, spiritual growth, and character, having been tested while a member of his Cub Scout Pack, has passed all the tests necessary to continue on the Scouting trail as a Boy Scout. He has indeed "done his best".

On behalf of Scout Troops everywhere, Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting, accepted him into Boy Scouting. By his own words, he recited and agreed to live by the Scout Oath and Law. He is ready to embark on his journey on the Trail of the Eagle.

Through the new skills and experiences soon to be learned from Lord Baden Powell and the fundamental teachings of Chief Akela, his journey on the Trail of the Eagle will not only be exciting, fun, and full of adventure, but prosperous and successful.

Congratulations. May the Spirit of Scouting be with you always. Given on this 3rd day of May 1996, Marin Council, Boy Scouts of America. Signed by Chief Akela "Do Your Best" and by Lord Baden-Powel "Be Prepared".

Lone Indian Brave: Our council fire begins to die. Let us go our separate ways and take with us the memory of this celebration until we meet again. the Council of Light is closed. May the Spirit of Scouting be with you all.

(All place their torches in the fire ring and depart in reverse order.) 


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