Arrow of Light Ceremony #3
Posted On: 2021-05-26


Cubmaster: Cub Scouts, Parents, and Leaders, we are here tonight to honor  No. of our Webelos Scouts, who are to come before this Pack to be presented with the highest award in the Cub Scout program, the Arrow of Light.

Akela: Akela was the Big Chief of the Webelos tribe; tall, stalwart, straight as an arrow, swift as an antelope, brave as a lion.  He was fierce to an enemy but kind to a brother.  Many trophies hung in his teepee.  His father was the son of the great yellow sun in the sky.  His totem was the Arrow of Light.

Cubmaster: Will the following Webelos Scouts please come forward.

(Cubmaster is standing behind the Arrow of Lightboard and boys will be facing him)
Cubmaster: The emblem you see before you represents the Arrow of Light.  The seven candles represent the rays in the Arrow of Light.  These candles also represent the Seven Virtues of Life.

(Cubmaster then lights each of the candles one at a time and says):

1.  This candle represents Wisdom
2.  This candle represents Courage
3.  This candle represents Self-Control
4.  This candle represents Justice
5.  This candle represents Faith
6.  This candle represents Hope
7.  This candle represents Love.
Akela: And the largest candle of them all represents the "Spirit of Akela"

(He then lights the candle)

Cubmaster: If you live by the seven great virtues and the "Spirit of Akela" you will become a happy man and a happy man is a successful man.
(At this time the boys turn and face the audience so parents will be facing the audience too)

Will the parents of these Webelos Scouts please come and stand behind your son.

Present the leader with the Arrow of Light to give to the Webelos.


Source: Greater Alabama Council