Arrow Of Light Ceremony
Posted On: 2021-05-22

Equipment: Drum or drum beat, rank ladder or rank candles

Personnel: Cubmaster, 5 Cub Scouts (who have earned the rank they are representing), 1 Boy Scout, Scoutmaster

(drum beats 3 times)


I, Akela, have heard the drums speak.  I call ____ to stand next to the rank totem with his parents and den leaders, _____.

I call to the council rank totem former rank holders, Tiger (name of boy), Wolf (name of boy), Bear rank (name of boy), Webelos (name of boy), and _____ rank Boy Scout (name of boy).

____ (boy receiving AOL), I, Akela, have heard of your great achievements and have brought for you the reward of your deeds, the Arrow of Light.  (adapt for each boy)  You earned you Tiger rank in ____ of 19__.  You earned your Bobcat rank in ___ of 19__ and your Wolf rank in ___ of 19__ thereby earning two ranks in one year.  You earned 1 Gold and ___ Silver arrow points as a Wolf.  You earned your Bear rank in 19__ and 1 Gold and __ silver arrow points.  You entered the Webelos tribe in 19__ and earned your Webelos rank in ___ of 19__.  You have worked hard these past two years and have earned ___ of the Webelos activity pins.  We are proud of you and your accomplishments and understand that you wish to join Troop ___ in ___ with the rest of your den.  This honor is awaiting you ____ at our pack advancement at ___, where you will be presented your arrow along with the rest of the den earning the Arrow Of Light.

Tiger: I am the north wind.  People say I am cold, but to you, I will always bring the warmest of winds because you have been a true-blue Cub Scout and Webelos Scout and lived up to the Law of the Pack.

Wolf: I am the south wind.  I wish you good scouting.  Over hill and dale I have carried stories of you and your experiences.  As Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts you have been happy, game, and fair - a credit to your den and pack.

Bear: I am the east wind.  I wish you well.  I have spread the story of our fun and happiness in Cub Scouting with pack ___ and how you lived up to the Cub Scout promise and were fair and helpful.

Webelos: I am the west wind.  I would like everyone to know that this Scout did not walk the Cub Scout trail alone.  He had the help and guidance of his parents.  Parents, continue to help your boys go and grow.

All Boys: (winds)  May all winds be at your back and your path rise up to meet you.

Boy Scout:  ____, I am a ___ rank Boy Scout and earned the Arrow of Light in Cub Scouts.  The seven rays of light coming from the arrow, stand for the seven great virtues of life.  (Boy Scout should light one candle before each virtue is read)

Wisdom:  Having wisdom doesn't mean that a person is smarter than others.  It means that he uses what he knows to live a better life.

Courage: Courage does not mean you have no fear of danger.  It means that you can face danger in spite of your fear.

Self-control: This means being able to stop when you have had enough of something, such as eating, playing, or even working too much.

Justice:  Justice means being fair with others that we play and work with, regardless of who they are.

Faith:  Faith is belief in God and things we cannot see but feel are true.

Hope:  Hope means to look forward to good things you believe will happen.  You hope for better things tomorrow, but at the same time, you work hard today to make them happen.

Love:  There are many kinds of love.  Love of family, home, fellow men, God, and country.  Every kind of love is important for a fell and happy life.

Scoutmaster:  _____, before you stands the lighted rank candles signifying your climb to the arrow.  The arrow stands before you, its shaft is straight and narrow, just as the path that you should follow throughout your life.  Its tip points the way, - the way to success in all that you do.  It is pointing to the right, a symbol that nothing should be left undone, if it is within your power to do it, see that it is done.  And lastly, the 7 rays are the number of days in your week.  Every day is a new day - a day to honor your God, your country, your family, to do you good turn, a new chance to follow the Scout Law, and to remember these words: ON MY HONOR!

Please say the Scout Oath and the 12 points of the Scout Law.

Den Leaders, please present the award to the parents so that they can present it to ____.

____, now that you have received the Arrow of Light, let its light shine forth from you.  Promise now to set an example for others to follow in your footsteps, set your eye on the eagle, and never waiver.  Do you so promise?  (after answering yes, Boy Scout handshake)  Congratulations.