Arrow Of Light And Graduation Ceremony
Posted On: 2019-05-24

NOTE: Ideally, this ceremony should be performed in an outdoor campfire setting; for example, at a pack picnic. This allows for a more natural feel as well as for the use of torches, firepots, and other "special effects". If an indoor setting is preferred by the pack, candles should be used in place of smudgepots. Either the team or the Pack can provide the tokens called for in the ceremony. The team should have something prepared in case the Pack doesn't (an arrow with a felt banner, leather thong bolo, etc.). The team needs to make sure (via the Webelos leader) that the Cubs participating in the ceremony know and can recite the Scout Oath and Law as they are called upon to say both in the ceremony.

When performing the speaking parts, memorization is important, but also try to become familiar enough with the part so the words come out naturally. 

Also, since this ceremony doesn't tie in with any Order of the Arrow induction ceremony, sashes should NOT be worn.


Arrow of Light Ceremony


(The three principles (Chief, Medicine Man, Guide) enter from the rear and take their positions: Chief at the North, Medicine Man at the West and Guide at the east.)

CHIEF: (pausing for a moment to look out among the pack)

Cub Scouts, leaders, parents and guests; my brothers, Weuchsowagam, the Medicine Man, Witschindin, the Guide, and I, Takachsin, the Chieftain, bring you greetings and salutations. We have come before you tonight to fulfill a prophecy spoken in the legends of our tribe.

MEDICINE MAN: The words of the prophecy say that in the springtime of each year, young braves will be found who have met the challenges of Akela and are ready to become warriors. My brothers and I have watched your pack and have found such braves among you. We have come to present them with the highest honor: the Arrow of light. But before this can happen, they must take a journey through their memories.

GUIDE: Many moons ago, you entered the Cub Pack. The first challenges you encountered were from the Bobcat clan. As you met them, you learned what it means to be a Cub, the Law of the Pack, and the three words that would inspire you to meet all other challenges: Do Your Best.

(Light firepot or candle)

Having started on the trail, you next sought to join the Wolf clan. Here you were met with twelve challenges, harder than the Bobcat tests, But with the cleverness of the Wolf itself, you met them and continued on your journey.

(Light firepot or candle)

 Guard: Now the trail becomes darker and fainter as you came to the Bear clan. Again seven challenges were presented before you. As you met them, your knowledge grew and your spirit strengthened. It was this strength of spirit, like the bear, that prompted you to move onward.

(Light firepot or candle)

Chief: As you neared the summit, you joined the Webelos clan. The time of your testing had begun. In the Webelos clan you learned more about Scouting. Just as you learned the ways of the tribe as a Bobcat, Tiger, Wolf, and Bear, as a member of the Webelos clan you would learn the ways of a brave.

(Light firepot or candle)

Chief: In time, you earned the Webelos badge, blazing the rest of the trail on your own. Now at last you have reached the summit and the highpoint of this part of your journey.

(Light firepot or candle)

 Chief: Let the Arrow of Light be given to each of them.

Guide: (To the chief) Wait, Brother Takachsin! Before receiving this most high honor, they must hear its legend so they may understand and appreciate what they are to receive.

Chief: (To medicine man) Brother Weuchsowagam, let the legend of the Arrow of Light be known to all present.

MedMan: In the ages past, when the Nations of the red man spread across the land, there was a young member of one tribe called Akela. Akela wished to be a true brave as the older men of his tribe were, but no one would consider him so. 

"Little Akela, he is too young to join the hunt," they would say.

Too young to run with the Bobcat clan.

Not clever enough to hunt with the Wolf clan.

Such a young one is not strong enough to join the Bear clan.

No matter how hard Akela worked, all ways were barred. But the Aged Chieftain of the tribe saw Akela different than the rest. 

"The spirit of this young one burns brighter than the largest fire. Akela has served his brethren well for one of his age. The time will come when the tribe will need only that which Akela can give."

One night in the fall during the harvest, a party of braves was canoeing back to their village after a hunt. On this night, the fog rolled thick across the river. The fog was so heavy the river path back to the village was hidden from view. The river split with one branch leading to the village and the other leading to a deadly waterfall. The braves did not know the safe path to take and were trapped.

Akela had been practicing his hunting skills in the hills above the river and had seen the danger to the canoe. He wrapped an arrow in a skin, set it aflame, and shot it into the sky toward the safer river path. The braves in the canoe saw the flaming arrow through the fog and followed it toward the safe river path and the village.

The braves went to the Chieftain saying, "We were trapped on the river and the High Father sent an Arrow of Light through the sky to guide us."

The Chieftain smiled and said, "The sign which led you to safety came not from the heavens but from one who you thought was too young to do anything." He brought Akela forward to the surprise of the braves.
"Akela has proved himself worthy to wear the name of brave. He has aided his brothers in their time of greatest need. Hereafter, all young members of our tribe shall become braves only after meeting the challenges of the Arrow of Light. Let them each be filled with the spirit of Akela and follow his example of unselfish service to our brethren."

And it was made so and carried through the present day as you Webelos stand before us now, ready to receive the Arrow of Light.

MedMan: Will the following Webelos and their parents please stand before us as your names are called.

(As Medicine Man recites or reads names, the Guide and Guard should direct Webelos to make a line across the front of the stage. Parents should stand behind their child.)

(Medicine Man remains behind table to light the 7 candles. The Chief, Guide, and Guard move down in front of the Webelos.)

Guide: Before you receive this honor, I must see your devotion to the high ideals of Scouting. Therefore, I ask you all now raise your right hand to the Scout sign and repeat with me, the Scout Oath and Law.

(Raises hand in the sign of the Boy Scout (followed by the other principles) and recites the Scout Oath and Law with the other principles (Medicine Man, Guide, and Guard) along with the other Webelos who will be awarded the Arrow of Light)

Scout Oath:

Scout Law:

Chief: I shall now recite the virtues of the Arrow of Light Award which are represented by these seven candles.

    • Faith: Is when you can believe in something without the need for physical proof or evidence that it is true.

    • Wisdom: means not always being the smartest, but putting the knowledge you have to the right use.

    • Self-Control: is not just for your temper, but the way you behave with all things you do and the way you treat everyone you meet each day.

    • Hope: is believing in the future; that what must be can be, for the better; and that you can make a difference.

    • Love: is caring more about the ones you love than yourself, your family, friends, other people, your home and Country and most of all God.

    • Justice: is when you treat everyone just how you want to be treated; fairly and without regard to who they are, where they are from or what they believe in.

    • Courage: doesn't mean you don't know when to be afraid, but that you do what you must in spite of your fears.


Guide: Having met all of its challenges, it is our duty and privilege to award you with the highest Cub Scout honor: the Arrow of Light.

Parents because of the support and guidance you have given these braves, I give the Arrow of Light to you to present to them.

(Moves to the front and gives the Arrow of Light card and/or patch to the parents who then present it to their scout.)

(If the Pack gives a token to each Arrow of Light recipient)

Guard: My brothers and I also present you with this token from your pack. Keep this in remembrance of this occasion.

(Moves forward and presents each Webelos with a token. As he presents the tokens, the Chief, Medicine Man, and Guide congratulate each Webelos with the Scout Handshake)

Chief: Let us now congratulate these young braves.

(All principles return to their original positions on the stage while pack applauds.)

Guide: (To all still standing) You may now be seated.

Chief: Once again, I congratulate you on your achievements. Having finished the work for which we were called to do, we now depart this gathering of your pack. Before we go, I would remind you to keep Akela's spirit alive. Let it ignite a spark within each of you that will fan into a fire as you grow.

MedMan: We challenge all the younger braves present to continue on your trail and strive to reach the summit and the Arrow of Light. May the Great Master of all Scouts be with you until we meet again.

(Principles silently depart)



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