AOL Cub Scout Safari Advancement
Posted On: 2021-05-22


We're headed out on a Cub Scout Safari.  Look, over there is a boa constrictor.   Watch out, everyone!  Listen to the monkeys.  Aren't they loud?  Wait!  What's that roar?  If we get really quiet, maybe we can spot some tigers.  Look, here they come!

This month our Tiger Cubs have worked really hard on earning some more Tiger Tracks.  They have been to (name Go and See activity) and have worked on Big Idea (number).  Now, everyone climbs back aboard the jeep as we continue on our safari.   There go some gazelles running.  What could be after them?  Lions, cougars?  No, it's just some Bobcats.  These boys are just getting started on our safari.  They have learned the Scout sign, handshake, promise, and more.  We are hoping they will stay on a Scouting safari until they have experienced all levels.  Now rejoin the group and let's go see what's up ahead.

Here come some wild hogs.  And watch those antelope scatter.  Careful, folks, I think I've spotted some Wolves.  These Safari Hunters have been working on their progress towards ranks.  As they concentrated on the 49 steps of good safari hunting, they have reached the rank of Wolf.  Congratulations on a fine hunt boys.

Quick, jump in the jeep.  Here comes something we should never have seen on a safari.  What are we going to do?  Everyone holds on and tries to appear as small as possible.  We need to hide from the Bears.  They have spotted us and are coming to investigate.

A Safari may not be a usual place for Bears, but we are mighty proud of ours.  They have worked really hard all year and are ready to move up the Scouting trail.  Congratulations, boys.  May you wear your Bear badge proudly.

Look at the beautiful birds.  We have obviously reached the higher ground on our safari.  Things seem to be quieter here.  I see a macaw and a beautiful parrot.  Oh, look over there, it's a Webelos.  They have been working hard to earn their pins.  We are proud to present the Webelos badge to them.  We have some boys on our safari that have earned their Compass Point Emblem.  They too have been working hard.  We also have some boys who are ready to become Safari guides.  They are the Super Achievers of the safari that have earned all 20 Webelos pins. 

But wait, what is that up ahead?  Oh, no!  The natives are doing a dance around the campfire.  Do you think it could be an Arrow of Light Ceremony?

When you look at how far we have come on our safari, what beautiful animals we have seen tonight, and yes, see that have earned the highest award in Cub Scouting, the Arrow of Light, would be to graduate these boys into Jeep Driving School!




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